Best & free google chrome plugin with HD wallpaper, world time, quotes with many more..

When we start a new page/ new tab, we want something amazing from the chrome tab. A great HD wallpaper with clocks/ Timers world time with different timezones, custom images with dynamically generated patterns.

We have covered all the great features including, world’s best photo from great photographers, best quotes to get motivated and inspire every day, add new abstract patterns to show your creativity and imagination, view the current time and set world clock with a different timezone that could be useful if you are working on multiple locations and want to see a quick time.

New Amazing Tab will be free forever for people like you and me

Features list

  • Get amazed with a fresh image every day from world-class photographers.
  • Create wallpaper patterns, to show your creative side. save created pattern into a photo album.
  • Change wallpaper image or set your own image as a wallpaper image.
  • Set Image change on every new tab open or every hour.
  • Search images from millions of images and set as wallpaper.
  • Get images from already crafted categories to suit your choice.
  • Set multiple clocks to have different timezones time with your custom names.
  • Set master clock with different styles, such as Rotary clock, Classical clock, Digital clock, and 3D clock.
  • Get motivated every day with the best quotes, you can change or add to favorite your quote.
  • Set Salat times (Muslim prayer) based on your current location or set the different locations of your choice.

Please download it from the chrome store and provide your feedback.

Anjum Nawab

I'm dreamer, I'm a software engineer, I'm an architect, I'm father, I'm a 10-year-old boy. Love technology

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